The Ization Effect


Security is one of the five pillars of the Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture) philosophy of networking and a key component of the IZATION transformation. Cisco DNA achieves a higher level of security through an open, extensible, software-defined network (SDN), resulting in an intelligent network that serves as a security sensor and enforcer so you can provide network security before, during and after an attack.

Before an attack: Discover, enforce and harden customers’ networks

By simply activating the embedded security capabilities in your customers’ Cisco networks, you can transform their networks into full-blown security monitoring systems that give you broad and deep visibility into their networks and everything that connects to them.

Cisco Umbrella (formerly Open DNS) is a cloud security platform that uses the internet’s infrastructure (i.e., DNS) to provide a first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go by blocking connections to bad IP addresses, URLs and domains. Cisco Umbrella can protect any computing device using any port and can be easily activated in the Cisco AnyConnect client, seamlessly protecting your customers from malware, phishing and command-and-control callbacks.

During an attack: Detect, block and defend

With Cisco Network as a Sensor, you get the global network visibility you need in the form of detailed security analytics, contextual data, and real-time monitoring and alerts.

Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) with FirePOWER Services adds the industry’s first adaptive, threat-focused next-generation firewall (NGFW) protection, allowing users to evaluate data flows, files and other bits of information. For an added layer of protection, turn your router into a security device to obtain deep visibility across your branches and respond faster to threats.

Cisco also provides the tools partners need to apply strong Layer 2 encryption throughout the entire switching and routing network—from the edge to the data center, helping channel partners limit the spread of malware and protect devices on and off their customers’ networks.

Cisco Ransomware Defense incorporates sandboxing technology to quarantine known and unknown malware and block command-and-control callbacks to ransomware hosts, and it provides immediate triage during an incident response.

After an attack: Scope, contain and remediate

By leveraging Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) and network behavior analysis along with Cisco Incident Response Services, Cisco Security continues to monitor a threat that makes it onto the network, remembering the choices that allowed it to come in, analyzing its behavior and going back into memory to pull files previously marked “safe” into quarantine and updating the network security and access policies.

Start your customers’ security IZATION transformation today with Cisco DNA and Ingram Micro security services. Contact Ingram Micro Cisco sales specialist, Collin Rauen at (800) 456-8000, ext. 66092.