The Ization Effect

Customer Experience

The relationship between businesses and consumers continues to be a hot topic with many service-oriented companies (e.g., banks, schools, retailers) now recognizing that their ability to engage customers and provide a positive experience is the primary factor determining their success or failure.


According to Forrester, 72% of businesses say that improving the customer experience is their top priority. Additionally, Cisco research found that 70% of customers who left a company said it wasn’t due to bad products, but poor customer experience. Moreover, customer experience leaders have 10% more loyal customers above industry average.

Customer Experience and IZATION

One of the five pillars of the Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture) philosophy (it also includes branch agility, workforce experience, security and IoT), customer experience is a leading driver in what Cisco and Ingram Micro are calling IZATION, which comprises digitIZATION, securitIZATION and globalIZATION.

How can companies hold on to their customers in this age of digital transformation?

A big part of the solution entails communicating to customers at every stage of the buying process:

  • Prior to the sale, sending customers the right information and offers can help shorten the sales cycle while giving the company insights into customers’ behavior and preferences.
  • Companies also can use their customer data points to provide customized loyalty programs and gather additional insights to help drive profits.

The Challenge

Traditional networks weren’t designed to deliver high-quality personalized experiences in real time or to use insights to innovate and grow. Today’s business demands require a digital-ready network that:

  • Can respond to growing application demands
  • Is simple to deploy and manage
  • Lowers companies’ security and compliance risks
  • Provides critical analytics to help organizations operate better

Provide a superior customer experience without compromise

A Cisco DNA approach to networking enables partners to deliver a future-ready network with new capabilities and better experiences over a network that’s designed to deliver impact today, so your customers can accelerate into tomorrow. Some of the core components of a DNA network include:

  • Insights and analytics. Providing guest Wi-Fi services at your customers’ facilities is a smart business move. Even better is if you can provide complementary mobile services, such as A/B marketing testing or special promotions guests see when viewing the splash page prior to accessing the internet. Previously, these kinds of services were out of reach for most budget-restricted SMB customers. But the pairing of Cisco Mobility Express and CMX (Connected Mobile Experience) Cloud changes everything. With these integrated solutions (and others such as Meraki Location Analytics), channel partners can quickly deploy on-premise wireless networks with a built-in virtual controller, along with cloud-delivered guest access to a captive portal to onboard customers and generate analytics for customer insights.
  • Automation and insurance. Although your customers’ needs are becoming more complex, it doesn’t mean their networks must be, too. Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) and Cisco Intelligent WAN deliver software-defined WAN to enterprise and branch locations without compromising the application experience.
  • Security and compliance. In a Cisco DNA environment, switches, routers and wireless solutions work together to create the “network as a sensor” and “network as an enforcer” effects, providing your customers with improved security and enabling easier compliance with security regulations. Complementary solutions like Cisco Stealthwatch provide additional threat defenses across the network, data center, branch offices and cloud, uncovering stealthy attacks on the extended network.
  • Virtualization. Cisco Enterprise Functions Virtualization (NVF) enables partners to simplify operations and roll out new virtual network services in minutes on any platform. Plus, partners can orchestrate and manage services with design templates to speed maintenance and response.

Help your customers increase customer loyalty and provide an improved customer experience to drive revenues, increase profitability and add business innovation. Start your customers’ IZATION transformation today by contacting your Ingram Micro Cisco sales specialist.