The Ization Effect

Branch Agility

One of the five pillars of the Cisco DNA philosophy (it also includes workforce experience, customer experience, security and IoT), branch agility starts with a new approach to the wide area network (WAN). Cisco Intelligent WAN and branch agility go hand in hand.

Smarter Networks

Unlike the static, hardware-centric networks of the past, the Cisco Intelligent WAN enables channel partners to:

  • Set up new branches in minutes instead of days or weeks
  • Automate configuration for the best app experience
  • Simplify day-to-day management and troubleshooting
  • Use any type of WAN connectivity to lower costs—without compromising security

Enable faster IZATION through an improved customer and employee experience

Every industry is being impacted by what Cisco and Ingram Micro are calling the IZATION effect—digitIZATION, mobilization, securitIZATION and globalIZATION. By deploying a Cisco digital-ready network, you’ll empower customers to capitalize on this trend.

In education, classrooms are being transformed into engaging high-tech learning environments where teachers present information via smart boards (e.g. Cisco Spark Board), and students utilize the latest tablets and apps to take notes and enhance their learning experience. Virtual learning sessions supplement classroom instruction, and they give each student a front-row seat to the instructor along with full two-way unified communications (e.g. Cisco Spark).

In financial services, the customer service experience is becoming highly personalized with mobile apps and virtual advisors, which offer valuable advice contextually tailored to individual consumers needs.

In healthcare organizations and medical offices, digitization is helping to personalize patient care, streamline staff collaboration and workflows, and meet security and compliance requirements. Informed by context and powered by intent, Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) makes healthcare network management simple, intelligent and automated. (See Cisco Healthcare.)

In retail, customers are interacting with digital signage, which can easily be updated with strategic cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Customers are also connecting to guest Wi-Fi, providing even more engagement opportunities, such as order ahead and frictionless payment services that allow customers to skip the checkout line. (See Cisco Next-Gen Retail.)

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