The Ization Effect

Get Started

Transition your customers to respond to IZATION. Cisco and Ingram Micro have the resources to help:

Step One

Assess Customer Readiness

How can you help your customers understand their needs and recommend improvements that can keep them afloat for the long journey ahead?

With an IZATION-readiness assessment from Cisco or Ingram Micro Professional Services, you’ll have the tools you need to clearly identify gaps in your customers’ infrastructures, and zero-in on their most critical areas for improvement.

Cisco Active Advisor

This free, cloud-based service is ideal for smaller opportunities. Use it to assess the IZATION-readiness of more than 500 Cisco switches, routers and wireless controllers. Next, use it to customize recommended network and security upgrades.

Cisco Security Assessment rewards

Earn either 20,000 or 40,000 reward points from Cisco by completing POV assessments. View the details, including information about point eligibility for Cisco Security bookings.

Ingram Micro Professional Services Assessments

These turnkey solutions deploy Ingram Micro engineers to your end-user locations [badged as Ingram Micro employees or as representatives of your company] to conduct a full assessment of their network, which you can use to make recommendations. Get the details.

Assessment incentive
Eligible partners can receive up to $2,500 in funding from Ingram Micro and Cisco to help offset the cost of Cisco-focused end-user assessments, including the FirePOWER Network Threat Assessment, Wireless Network Assessment, Voice and Video Readiness, and Virtualization Health Check. Contact us to learn more and get started.

Step Two

Understand The Digital Landscape

Before you sit down with customers to talk about their IZATION-readiness, take some time to learn more about the five pillars of IZATION. These are the key areas where IZATION is most critical to success:

Workforce Experience

For your customers to survive the IZATION effect, they need engaged employees who are innovative, productive and customer focused.

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Customer Experience

Today’s customers demand a more personalized experience when they shop, and they’re willing to pay more and to share more personal data to get it.

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Branch Agility

According to the latest Cisco research, 80% of customer-facing employees work in branch offices. These workers use multiple devices and form factors and spend less time tethered to a workstation.

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Threats to your customers’ network have never been greater. Cisco offers a “before, during and after” approach using an open, extensible, software-defined network (SDN) that serves as both security sensor and enforcer.

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Internet of Things

What’s driving the invasion of 30 billion IoT devices? Improved business strategies, increased data intelligence and widespread cost savings. That’s why 95% of execs surveyed plan to launch an IoT business in the next 3 years.

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Step Three

Design Ization-Ready Solutions

Once you’ve completed your customer’s IZATION-readiness assessment and taken the time to understand the five pillars of IZATION, it’s time to put all of that together and recommend a solution.

Make sure it’s one that not only prepares your customers to compete in today’s digital landscape, but also has room to grow along with their business—and accommodates new advances in technology.

We can help with that.

Contact your Ingram Micro Cisco Team today for help designing a future-proof IZATION-ready solution to ensure your customers gain—and maintain—a competitive edge for tomorrow and beyond.