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Everything is going digital. We call it the IZATION effect, and if your customers aren’t prepared, they could be left behind.

Ready to start transitioning them to Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture approach to respond to IZATION? Relax. You don’t need to figure it out on your own. Cisco and Ingram Micro offer a variety of resources to help.

Key Pillars

We’ve identified five areas where IZATION readiness is critical and where you can give your customers a strategic competitive advantage.

Workforce Experience

For your customers to survive the IZATION effect, they need engaged employees who are innovative, productive and customer focused.

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Customer Experience

Today’s customers demand a more personalized experience when they shop, and they’re willing to pay more and to share more personal data to get it.

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Branch Agility

According to the latest Cisco research, 80% of customer-facing employees work in branch offices. These workers use multiple devices and form factors and spend less time tethered to a workstation.

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Threats to your customers’ network have never been greater. Cisco offers a “before, during and after” approach using an open, extensible, software-defined network (SDN) that serves as both security sensor and enforcer.

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Internet of Things

What’s driving the invasion of 30 billion IoT devices? Improved business strategies, increased data intelligence and widespread cost savings. That’s why 95% of execs surveyed plan to launch an IoT business in the next 3 years.

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